Sunday, 1 January 2017

Start the season healthy with Perth-based vascular treatment center

The New Year’s just started out with new hopes, happiness and festivities. This is possibly the best time to chalk up some resolutions, leaving the past year by and adopting newer healthier point of view to lifestyle and fitness. This is the time to get your mind and body together and possibly even opt for a new hobby for a change. However, if you’re someone who’s constantly has had a persistent issue of vascular problems, this would be just the time to enroll yourself in a proficient treatment center and get it checked as soon as possible. Get this at the top of your to-do list of resolutions and if you have a hard time finding a professional treatment center, take a cue from us as we take you to this Perth-based vascular treatment center going by the name A-Vascular. 

Constructed by renowned vascular specialist and surgeon, Dr. Patrik J.Tosenovsky, this establishment focuses on various venous and vascular solutions that plague people in everyday life. One such common venous problem is the case of varicose vein where nasty spider veins would start showing up on the now shallow skin surface along with added pain and extreme discomfort. Being repetitive in nature, these venous problems often keep recurring. Another such problem is the case of TOS or thoracic Outlet Syndrome that causes extreme pain sensation in the shoulder blades and surrounding areas. Mainly caused by an entanglement in the thoracic outlet, this may cause severe numbness, pain and discomfort at its best. Then there are others like PAD or peripheral Arterial Disease causing the same kind of unnecessary pain but this time focused on the lower limbs. 

The truth is, vascular diseases contracted however is going to plague your life no matter how much you opt for temporary solutions. Therefore, while welcoming this new year let’s take a oath to keep all our arterial and venous problems at bay and for that a professional vascular specialist in Perth has already been recommended for you.

Following the path of Dr. Tosenovsky is his functional team of vascular experts who together ensures the patients asking for assistance gets their deserved solution and that too at the speediest. This is essentially why many of the treatment methods adopted are tailored to target the affected area along with the usage of state of the art advanced technology which would also account for super fast healing. 

Even though we did mention a few above, there are many other important vascular disorders like DVT or CVD and even diabetic foot or ulcerations owing to venous imbalance that needs to be checked immediately. Check out to know more about these diseases and their fix.

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